IT Support Engineer

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Crit Rabat is looking for an IT SUPPORT ENGINEER,  
     -Manage information technology and computer systems :
Plan , organize , evaluate the operations of information systems and electronic data processing (EDP)
Develop and implement policies and procedures for electronic data processing and computer systems operations and developpement 
Meet with managers to discuss system requirements, specifications, cost and timelines 
Hire and manage information system personnel contractors to design , develop, implement , operate and administer computer and telecommunications software, networks and information systems 
     -Ensure technology is accessible and equiped with current hardware and software :
Troubleshoot hardware, software and network operating system
Be familiar with all hardware, software and network operating system
Train staff about potentiel uses of existing technology
Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources
      -Monitor and maintain technology to ensure maximum access :
Troubleshoot all technology issues 
Identify and prepare hardware for disposal when appropriate
Non exhaustive list


Experience and expertise with ethical hacking, firewall and intrusion detection /prevention technologies, secure coding practices and threat modeling
Must have sold working experience and knowledge of windows and Unix/ Linux operating systems. Also prior experience in evaluation cloud solutions is an advantage
Experience in designing secure network architectures, virtualization technologies MySQL/ MSSQL database platforms, identify and access management principles, applicationsecurity , encryption technologies, DNS, SOA and web applications
Experience with Checkpoint, Tripping Point, WebSense and PCI compliance a plus
Exceptional communication skills and able to work in a dynamic, fast paced, diverse environnement 
An open-minded, creative and cooperative environment
A high level of individual responsibility and a lot of freedom to operate in a self-organised team
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